Building Security

The desired level of building security is constantly arising and their owners  make efforts to protect own assets. The security staff of our company is always ready to support that by defending the vulnerabilities of infrastructure against any possible threats.

We are highly – motivated to act professionally against any saboteurs, potential terrorists or any other people with malevolent intent.


Hotel Security

One of the most essential tasks performed by our security company is to prevent any prospect security problems in hotels by implementing certain well-prepared actions to discourage incidents.

Therefore, a highly motivated team of our security professionals is in charge of the guest room security, key control for both electronic and mechanical access, together with all conceivable emergency- procedures.


Club Security

Our security services in the field of club security tend to become leading ones in some of the most prominent and upscale clubs and venues. The basic task of our security staff is to protect all club visitors by facing every potentially dangerous security situation.

Being highly motivated and excellently trained, our security staff members are always ready to react to maintain the safety in the assigned club.


Front Desk Security

Our security guards have the basic role to make clients feel as satisfied and relaxed as possible. Doormen security guards are men who underwent a rigorous training and screening to meet the clients’ needs against any possible security threats.

Our security staff provide all day and night monitoring and have a duty to enforce any specific conduct codes required of guests.

Together with dealing with safety issues, our security staff serves as a highly- welcoming presence to both guests and residents.


Event Security

With periodic patrols so to check any eventual irregularities, our security team staff preserves order at the assigned site. Our patrols are in a constant search for possible security violations, unauthorized people, sudden mechanical problems or unsafe conditions with blocked exits and entrances.

We are ready to react in case of any medical emergencies, bomb threats, fires, floods, elevator emergencies and the misuse of hazardous materials.


Store Security

A job of our store security is to mind vast number of shoppers who circulate moving in and out of the store. The essential thing is that well-equipped security staff is able to assess the situation and to judge about any possible need to identify potential shoplifters or threats among the customers.


Security Patrol

The main task of each of our security patrols is to ensure that the property of our respectable clients is secure. Because of the trust which is placed by every client, we give our best to offer the top-level car patrolling practices. They consist of a set of serious security duties which need to be covered constantly.

When his shift starts, a patrol security guard has a duty to patrol a specific area of the city. His task is to patrol watching for crime and answer the calls for any necessary assistance. It should be done at specific intervals of time. Moreover, security officers have a great role when they confront a possible offender. The assigned task, in this case, is to warn or even arrest them.

The most significant thing is that an officer makes his presence known to all people in the area. This is very useful and in many instances, criminals are deterred while they are looking for an opportunity for a crime. These crimes usually include the possible stealing of some possession from a storefront, stealing a bike from a house lawn, car break-in, house break-in or any other.

An officer will notice some unusual doings in his assigned area of patrolling since he keeps an eye on everything. Possible criminals are noticed when they wander aimlessly around the area. That will make them suspicious and the officers will react adequately and respond in the shortest period of time.


Personal Protection

Washington Security DC is a fast-growing security company. We are trained to provide our clients with the most efficient protection services. Our clients are both ordinary people and VIP persons. Our prices are reasonable and no additional costs can emerge.

We have highly-trained security staff. They are motivated and experienced security professionals who react adequately as fast as they can. We guarantee the highest level of security.

Our security staff has a lot of experience in guarding VIP people and their families. Our teams are coordinated in every situation, so the lives of our clients are in the best hands. No surprises can happen when Washington Security DC’s guards protect a VIP person. Our VIP clients – musicians, artists, and diplomats are protected at every possible moment.