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Impeccable security solutions dedicated to only one mission: to keep people, properties and neighborhoods safe!


Your Safety is Our Concern!

Washington DC Security


Washington DC Security wants to see you become a part of our secured family in either Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia.

Washington DC Security is a respectable investigative and protective company with its headquarters in Virginia. We are a group of individuals who truly believe in maintaining law and security in the states of Washington, Maryland, and Virginia. Apart from this professional training, members of our team are security professionals with military and law enforcement backgrounds. We invested our vast knowledge and international experience to set up Washington DCSecurity. Our main idea was to ensure the law reinforcement and security, in Washington DC, Maryland, and primarily on the territory of Virginia.

Because the level of violence and misbehavior worldwide has extremely increased, it must be seen as an imperative that both individuals and companies have to give their best to protect their lives, families, businesses and the environment. All these are possible only with the help and cooperation with highly-trained and knowledgeable security professionals who are employed in our protective agency Washington Security DC.

Our team has trained intensively to provide professional security services for many categories of clients in the states of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Some of our respectable clients are residences, restaurants, high-end retailers, malls,  bars, hotels, and embassies. Our guards are available day and night 24/7 for all your personal, business, primarily on the territory of Virginia.

We have handpicked security officers and diligently trained personnel who ensure the safety of both existing and future clients in the best thinkable way. This interest represents not only benefits but also challenges because much of the work demands unconditional dedication to the given security work.

Our company is trusted by some of the biggest names in the Washington DC Metro Area.

SAB #40000024
DCJS #11-17698
Your Safety is Our Concern!

About us

At DC MD VA Security Service, we epitomize the gold standard in security services throughout Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Our commitment is unwavering—to offer unmatched protection and ensure tranquility for our clients spanning this tri-state area.

Our Distinctive Edge

With a name that’s become synonymous with trust and reliability, DC MD VA Security Service is not just a security provider; we are guardians of peace in the bustling heart of our nation’s capital and its surrounding states. Our team is a collective of the most accomplished security experts, handpicked for their rich backgrounds in law enforcement, military service, and specialized security operations. This diverse expertise allows us to uniquely cater to the nuanced needs of the communities across Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Technological Prowess

Recognizing the integral role of technology in modern security, we have equipped ourselves with an arsenal of the latest advancements. Our cutting-edge virtual officer’s surveillance, state-of-the-art access control, qr and nfc patrols, e-reports and seamless communication technologies set us apart, offering our clients a seamless blend of human vigilance and technological innovation.

Diplomatic Security Specialists

Our acumen in diplomatic security is unmatched. DC MD VA Security Service is renowned for our ability to create secure and respectful environments for diplomatic missions. Our officers are well-versed in the intricacies of diplomatic protocol, ensuring that each operation is conducted with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Security Tailored to the DMV

Our proficiency extends to a vast array of sectors beyond the diplomatic, serving the unique security needs of the hospitality, healthcare, residential, commercial sectors, as well as personal protection. With a fleet of top-tier vehicles at our disposal, we offer secure transit solutions within Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, ensuring that VIPs and other clients travel with confidence and ease.

Law and Order Advocates

As proud protectors within Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, we believe in upholding the law and ensuring a secure environment for all. Our mission is to be a force for stability, maintaining order and security in these states with a vigilant and proactive approach.

Excellence and Expertise

DC MD VA Security Service is more than just a security company; we are a trusted ally in an unpredictable world. Our team is an elite force composed of the finest security professionals, each selected for their extensive experience in law enforcement, military service, and specialized security fields. This depth of knowledge is our cornerstone, providing a comprehensive security approach that is unrivaled in the industry.

Professionalism, Punctuality, and Reliability

Professionalism is the foundation of everything we do. Our officers embody integrity and respect, ensuring every client interaction is handled with the highest level of professionalism. Punctuality and reliability are not merely promises but are the very principles that guide our operations, ensuring our clients can rely on us to be there when it matters most.

Versatile Security Solutions

Beyond our diplomatic expertise, we excel in providing exceptional security services across a variety of sectors including hospitality, healthcare, residential, commercial, and personal protection. Our VIP escort and personal bodyguard services are bespoke, ensuring that every client receives personalized and effective security coverage.

Premier Vehicle Fleet

Our commitment to excellence extends to our premier vehicle fleet. DC MD VA Security Service prides itself on having the best car fleet in the industry. Each vehicle is chosen for its reliability, safety, and capability to ensure a secure and comfortable transport experience. Our fleet is regularly maintained and updated, ensuring that we are always ready to respond swiftly and efficiently to any client need.

The Finest Security Team

Our security personnel are unmatched, rigorously vetted, and continually trained to respond to any challenge with strategic acumen and unwavering dedication. They are the vigilant protectors committed to fulfilling all tasks with expertise and precision.

By choosing DC MD VA Security Service, you don’t just get a security provider—you gain a steadfast partner dedicated to your safety and well-being. Experience the peace of mind that comes from having the finest team, the most advanced technology, and the best car fleet at your service.

Our Commitment to You

Professionalism, punctuality, and reliability are more than just words to us—they are the tenets by which we operate. Our clients in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia can depend on us to be the epitome of these values, consistently delivering security services that exceed expectations.

Our elite team of security officers stands ready to address and adapt to any situation with strategic expertise and unwavering dedication. We are vigilant in our pursuit to fulfill every security task with precision and integrity.

Choosing DC MD VA Security Service means partnering with a leader in protection, a company that believes in fostering a safer tomorrow for everyone in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Experience unparalleled peace of mind with the finest team, the latest technology, and the best vehicle fleet at your command.

About us


We are an extremely fast-growing security company operating mainly on the territory of VA. Our staff members are bigger built guys. These young security professionals fulfill assigned tasks in a topmost professional way owing to their patience, fast-reactions and invaluable experience. What is more, our ID checkers are trained by a former ABRA inspector which allows them to express maximal openness and readiness to act swiftly in any conceivable security situation which is about to occur.

If you make professional contact with our security company, you will be surrounded by the supreme team of security staff that never hesitates to reach the highest limits in all kinds of security services which our company offers in Washington DC, Maryland and basically in the VA area.

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Fast growing security services company ready to provide security solutions in all existing fields and at any possible moment.

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